Colorado Multigun
Camp Guernsey Invitational Multi-Gun
August 11-12, 2007
Camp Guernsey ARNG Base, Guernsey, WY

Zak's DEMIGOD LLC Match Report
Henning Walgren's Match Report
Rest of DEMIGOD LLC's Invitational photos

Colorado Multigun's Camp Guernsey Invitational Multi-Gun is designed to test a competitor's skills shooting rifle, carbine, and pistol to their effective ranges at practical targets in the natural terrain.

Shooters should expect:
  • 8-9 field stages shot in the natural terrain over 2 days, including a night shoot (night vision gear not required)
  • physical challenges, obstacle negotiation, climbing, crawling, likely water and mud
  • local altitude of 4900'
  • shooting rifles to 1000 yards and carbines to 400 yards
  • mixture of "precision" and "speed" shooting with scoring to match
  • "Run-n-Gun"
Photos from prior Camp Guernsey multi-gun matches: 11/2006, 11/2006 (facility), 11/2006 video, 3/2007.

Rifle: 223/556 up to 338 Lapua. 3200 fps velocity limit. Will be used for long-range engagements.
Carbine: Same as carbine. Will be used for high-intensity engagements
Pistol: 9mm minimum.

Cost of entry is $150. Military (active or NG) $130.

Match Director: Alan Samuel
Asst Match Director: Zak Smith
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Sabre Defence Industries, Match Sponsor
    Point Blank Body Armor, MIL Sponsor
    Cavalry Arms Corp, Stage Sponsor

Potential match sponsors please send email to
Sponsor packet available here: SPONSOR.PDF


1700-1900 Check-in.
1930 Shooters' meeting and UXO brief MANDATORY
2030 Night Stage at MRF South Range

0730 Shooters report at their first assigned stage
   Squad 1 - MK19 South Range
   Squad 2 - Gully Stage
   Squad 3 - Slant Sniper Range
   Squad 4 - Sniper 1 Range

   Once done with first stage, Squads 1 & 2 switch; Squads 3 & 4 switch.

1200 Lunch
1300 Shooters report to third stage of the day
   Squad 1 - Slant Sniper Range
   Squad 2 - Sniper 1 Range
   Squad 3 - MK19 South Range
   Squad 4 - Gully Stage

   Once done with third stage, Squads 1 & 2 switch; Squads 3 & switch.

   End of Saturday - Stage 1-4 complete.
   All Squads will be responsible for tear down of their last stage at end of day.

2030 FATS Simulation Building Optional

0800 Shooters report at first assigned stage of day
   Squad 1 - 10m Zero Range
   Squad 2 - CPQC Range
   Squad 3 - Convoy Protection Course

   Squads sequentially rotate through three stages.

1230 Transit to South MRF with CMG Squad Leader
1300 South MRF Range

1500 Awards and wrap-up.

Shooters must be present for the shooters' meeting Friday night and both days of the shooting portion of the match and shoot during their scheduled time-slots. No "shoot-throughs" will be allowed.

Do not expect "IPSC style" stage walk-throughs and rehearsals. Due to lengthy stages and time constraints, shooters may get no or only a brief glance at the stage before shooting it. A stage briefing will be presented.

  1. Violation of any safety rule will result in match disqualification (DQ).
  2. USPSA Safety Rules shall be followed, with the following notable additions:
    1. In addition to the USPSA definition of an Accidental Discharge, the stage RO may call an A.D. using his own judgement. Example: if the competitor was clearly not engaging a target.
    2. The Match Director has the right to disqualify any competitor for Unsportsmanlike Conduct based on his judgement.
  3. Camp Guernsey is a "cold range."
    1. No firearms may be loaded at the match site except under the direct command of a RO.
    2. Long-guns shall be kept unloaded in cases or on a designated rack, and carried muzzle up or muzzle down and the action open.
    3. Pistols shall be kept unloaded and cases or unloaded with empty mag-well and hammer/striker down in a holster.
    4. "Sweeping" any person with a weapon's muzzle will result in immediate D.Q.
  4. All firearms must have a functioning safety, subject to verification by an RO at any time.
  5. Any rifle or carbine slung during a stage must have an empty chamber, unless directed by the stage RO.
  6. No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at the match site. Any person found to be impaired or unsafe for any reason may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.
  7. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
  8. Please observe the posted speed limits.
  1. This is a Tactical Division match. All carbines and pistols shall be of Tactical Division, as set forth in the CMG Local Match Rules. The long-range rifle may be of any field-practical configuration.
  2. Rifle
    1. Minimum caliber: 223/556
    2. Maximum caliber: 338 Lapua
    3. Maximum muzzle velocity: 3200fps
    4. Ammunition subject to verification by chronograph at any time
    5. Calibers and ammunition which will clearly indicate hits on distant steel targets are strongly recommended.
  3. The carbine shall be semi-automatic, caliber .223/5.56 minimum, same maximum as the "rifle"
  4. Pistol must be of minimum caliber 9x19
  5. Holster must provide sufficient retention to withstand vigorous movement. Race holsters are prohibited. Handgun will be carried in the holster during stages unless directed otherwise by an RO.
  6. Competitors shall use only one pistol, carbine, and only one rifle throughout the match.
  7. Ammunition and magazines may be replenished at any time.
  8. No steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer bullets are permitted.
  9. In the event a weapon breaks or becomes inoperable during the match, the shooter may substitute a weapon of substantially similar configuration for subsequent stages, subject to approval by the Match Director.
  10. If a weapon becomes inoperable during a stage, the targets may be safely engaged with pistol by the shooter with a inoperable rifle or carbine, and after stage RO approval.
  11. Competitors violating Equipment Rules will be subject to scoring and/or monetary penalties. Fines will be assessed if target damage occurs due to: forbidden bullet types (AP, steel, tracer, etc); disallowed calibers; or exceeding the muzzle velocity limits.


Scoring will be time plus penalties, with scoring bonuses on long-range rifle targets. Target scoring will follow CMG Local Match Rules. Stage points will be combined into match points. On steel targets, RO will call hits. If he does't call it, it's not a hit.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What do you mean, Invitational?
    A. Shooters must receive an invite from CMG to register for this match. 2006 PRTC shooters and competitors at other select CMG events will receive invitations. Volunteering to be an RO or match sponsor may better your chances to receive an invitation.

  • Q. Is registration limited?
    A. The match will be limited to 100 shooters to ensure stage quality and schedule goals are met.

  • Q. Is this a team match?
    A. No. Individual.

  • Q. Is there a MIL/LEO class?
    A. All shooters will be scored together, however, high MIL shooters will be recognized. No LEO class.

  • Q. What is the round count?
    A. The minimum required round count is 200 pistol, 50 precision rifle, 200 carbine.

  • Q. What is the climate and weather like in Wyoming?
    A. The climate is high plains with a local elevation of about 4900' above sea level. Plan to hydrate continuously especially if you are from a lower elevation. Weather can vary from sunny and 95 degrees to severe thunderstorms or hail. We shoot rain or shine. Come prepared.

  • Q. Will my vehicle make it? Do I need a 4WD truck?
    A. In dry weather, a 2WD vehicle with good ground clearance can make it around Camp Guernsey. However, in wet weather, the roads at Camp Guernsey can become extremely muddy and impassable by all but a good 4WD with a lot of ground clearance.

  • Q. What rifle/cabine/caliber/scope/gear do I need for this match?
    A. We intend this match to be able to be shot successfully with military-issue-style equipment: an M4 with an Aimpoint, a 308-caliber bolt-action rifle, and a Beretta M9.

  • Q. Can I switch optics on my rifle or carbine between stages?
    A. No, the weapons must stay in the same configuration throughout the match.

  • Q. Is there a limit to magazine capacity in rifle/carbine/pistol?
    A. No.

  • Q. Can I use a suppressor on my carbine/rifle?
    A. There are no restrictions on the types of muzzle devices, so suppressors are allowed. NFA items must be in accordance with all WY State and Federal laws.

  • Q. Is this a lost brass match?
    A. No extra time will be allotted to pick up brass, and any brass left on the courses of fire will be disposed of by the match staff. Shooters can spend time "on the clock" while running the stage salvaging brass if they wish.

  • Q. Can I use a thigh holster for my pistol, or does it have to be on the waist?
    A. Belt or drop-thigh holsters are OK. Holster must provide sufficient retention to withstand vigorous movement. Race holsters are prohibited.

  • Q. Will there be food available on site, or do we need to bring everything?
    A. Plan to bring whatever food you need to the Camp Guernsey site. Mess is available.


LOCATION: Camp Guernsey Wyoming Army National Guard Base, approx 3.5 hours North of Denver.
Maps available at Camp Guernsey Gate for first-time shooters. Do not proceed through gate with loaded firearms.

UXO Brief

ATTENTION: Please review the following Un-Exploded Ordnance (UXO) briefing before arrival:
UXO Brief 1/2, UXO Brief 2/2.

Billeting and mess available at the facility for very reasonably prices. Contact CMG if you want to stay on-base.

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